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Do you want create a Market Place?

Now it's possibile with!
The First Multi Vendor E-commerce based on PrestaShop

Fantastic Features to Manage Multi Vendor E-Commerce

All features you need, and more. With ShoppyGo, implement your multi vendor e-commerce online and create your business.

ShoppyGo is a New Core, not a module.

ShoppyGo extends the core of PretsaShop without overrides or modules. Also, you can extend ShoppyGo like PrestaShop with modules.

A lot of new Back Office features to manage your Seller.

You and your Sellers have same Back Office login and same Back Office with own menu.

The Front Office has some new informations, but it's not changed.

Customer experience doesn't change frome PrestaShop: same theme, calssic checkot; same personal area....  Only new informations about who sells the product.

Imagine and don't limit yourself.
Create your own marketplace and offer everyone a new place to shop, away from the usual big names

It's time to try ShoppyGo now!

Visit the demo. Download and install the platform. Share your ideas with our community. Participate in the development of shoppygo.